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Romano RISN

Romano is a leading Italian manufacturer of LPG Conversion kits. These kits have been used in the UK for more than 10 years and have proven to be of the highest quality, as good if not better than more expensive Dutch kits. Here is a guide to different kits.
So what's in a kit:


Romano have a long standing relationship with AEB the leading Alternative Fuel Electronic experts and use their electronics with Romano enhancements. The Electronic Control Units (ECU) are available in 4, 6/8 and 10 cylinder version along with special ECUs for cars with direct injection engines(FSI). This means that we can convert a large range of cars.
The change over switch is part of the ECU package along with some sensors. The swith is located inside the car and allows the driver to select which fuel system they require. It also gives an indication of LPG fuel level.


The Reducer, sometimes called a Vapouriser, is reponsible for converting the liquid pressureised fuel into a vapour at the correct pressure for the system. To enable this a supply on heat is needed so the Reducer is connected to the hot water of the engine cooling system. This is usually achieved by connecting into the heater supply pipes. Important design criteria is that the vapour supply pressure should be stable even when under heavy demand and the the presure setting are maintained over a period of time.


The LPG injector are the componet at the very heart of a LPG system, they are what sets one system apart fron another. Romano was one of the first manufactures of Injectors and has continued to develop them. The current injectors are the best on the market! They are very fast, tolerant of dirt (The only ones that don't require an extra filter) and simple to service. Being individual the are easy to site at an optimum position. Different sizes are available so that we can cover 850cc engines up to 8 Litre american monsters.

Filter and Shut Off Solenoid

A filter and Shut Off Solenoid is fitted at the engine end of the lpg supply pipe. This performs the dual functions of filtering the liquid fuel and locking of the LPG when the engine is stopped. These are available in different sizes to suit the differinf supply pipe sizes in use.

Tank and Multivalve

While Romano do manufacture a large range of LPG tanks the transportation costs mean we use Stako tanks produce in Poland. These tanks come in a range of shapes and sizes. The toroidal tank that fit the spare wheel well range from 35 to 95 litres and the cylinders from 10 to 230 litres. These are total capacities, tanks are normally filled to 80% for safety reasons. One some large vehicles it is possible to have several tanks linked together.
The tank valve that controls the filling (80%), the level sensor, the supply to the front of the car and 4 safety functions iscalled a multivalve. Unlike most other kit suppliers Romano makes their own high quality multivale. These have to be bonfire tested in combination with the tanks.


The Italian filler is the most widely used in Europe but the powers that be decided that in the UK we should use the Dutch Bayonet Filler. This makes it more bulky and hence more difficult to fit. The recommendation for fitting are that it should be 50cmm above the ground, horizontal and in an area that will withstanf 500N tear out force. This is often difficult to achieve but in practice they can be fitted lower in plastic bumpers so long as they are re-inforced. When travelling abroad there are 2 adapter that will be required.

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